Me, mine and ours :)

I was reading through my old Blogs this morning and realised that I haven’t done a post since the beginning of January, so I thought I would take 10 minutes out and bring everyone up to date on the lives in the Lock household!!!

The last time I Blogged, Jenson was only just over a month old and not really doing much……How times change !! :). He is now a 5 month old bundle of bouncing fun, eating everything that is in sight and absorbing information like a sponge. Every day brings something new at the minute with Jenson. He is now starting to be very ‘vocal’ about everything and God forbid if he doesn’t receive  the required feedback from us !!!! He has to be on the go from the minute he opens his eyes in the (very early !!!) morning till when he is ready for bed. Don’t get me wrong……I wouldn’t change him for the World but it will be so much easier when he will actually sit and play without being surgically attached to my hip !!! lol 🙂

Me and Ade are still very much in love and enjoying settling into our new family home. We finished decorating Jensons nursery the other day and an outsider would of thought we had won the Lottery !!! There were hugs and tears (me….not Ade !!) and a real air of excitement in the Lock household. I think the main reasons for the ‘party atmosphere’ were that (1) We had accomplished yet another thing on our never ending list to do and (2) Me and Ade get our bedroom back !!! 😉  Just being able to lay in bed and chat without the threat of waking Jenson is such a refreshing change that even if we are both dog tired, we still put the World to rights before we crash !!

And last but by no means least…..Jake. We have just had the pleasure of spending yet another brilliant weekend with Jake. Him and Jenson are inseparable !!! Jake absolutely adores his baby bro and the feeling is doubled back from Jenson. If you now say to Jenson ‘Where’s Jake ?’, he gets so excited, kicking his legs and being vocal and he won’t settle till he lays eyes on Jake. Bless !!! :). Jake is making me a very proud Mum at the minute. He has got parents evening coming up at school when they go back after the Easter hols and Me and Ade have been invited to attend…….not bad considering Jake didn’t want anything more to do with me 2 years ago !! (due to my alcoholism). He is doing really well at school and is very proud of Me and what I have achieved in the last 2 years since being in recovery. I love him so much !!! 😉

So, there you have it……the long overdue update to Me and my lot. All in all we are just enjoying being a family……doing family stuff  !! It’s great just being able to enjoy the little things in life and knowing that it is all mine and Ade’s hard work and determination that has got us where we are today.

Life’s all good 🙂 xxxx


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